• I help people learn to start and manage better, more sustainable businesses and be better humans.

  • Latest Publication

    Selected as the "Big Idea" for Winter 2021 by Harvard Business Review, the New Crisis Playbook for an Era of Uncertainty builds on a decades' worth of research with Jason Miklian of the University of Oslo on business lessons from conflict zones.

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  • Scholar

    I love to learn.

    How do businesses survive and thrive the worst environments in the world? That question has motivated my research for over a decade.

  • Educator

    I love to teach.

    For over a decade, I've taught thousands of students in-person and online. Whether it's undergraduates, graduates, or executives, I'm passionate about teaching what I know about how businesses can be better by doing the good things.

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    I love to write.

    Putting what I know into writing solidifies my ideas. Even when I change my mind, I usually write it down for others to see. 

    Whether it's popular press like The Washington Post or Harvard Business Review, in peer-reviewed academic journals like Journal of Business Ethics or Academy of Management: Executive, or in books like Business, Peace, and Sustainable Development, I hope you'll read, think, and engage with me and others.