• I help people learn to start and manage better, more sustainable businesses and be better humans.


    John E. Katsos is Associate Professor of Business Law, Business Ethics, and Social Responsibility at the American University of Sharjah School of Business Administration (UAE), Research Affiliate at the Centre for Leadership, Ethics, and Organizations at Queen’s University Belfast (NI), and Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Development and the Environment (SUMO) at the University of Oslo (NO).


  • Scholar

    I love to learn.

    How do businesses survive and thrive the worst environments in the world? That question has motivated my research for over a decade.

  • Educator

    I love to teach.

    For over a decade, I've taught thousands of students in-person and online. Whether it's undergraduates, graduates, or executives, I'm passionate about teaching what I know about how businesses can be better by doing the good things.

  • Writer

    I love to write.

    Putting what I know into writing solidifies my ideas. Even when I change my mind, I usually write it down for others to see.